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I grew up in the community of Park Hill... in Denver. We arrived in the Mile High City on October 10, 1963. Dad, who had been an employee of the now defunct Interstate Commerce Commission moved us (Mom, my brother, sister and myself) to Denver in search of another opportunity with the federal government.  I had life experiences similar to many of you. Although we moved around quite a bit, we had a fairly solid family relationship.

On February 8, 1973 I enlisted into the United States Air Force taking advantage of the pre-enlistment program while I was still in high school. A few weeks after graduation I was on a flight to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Thus began my career as a law enforcement officer. 

My adult career has been largely people oriented... from law enforcement to ministry to management to politics... my destiny is to be intimately entwined in the lives of those I encounter.  One of the primary reasons I am a candidate for President of the United States is simply this… I'm troubled by the partisan, political posturing of our leaders, whose decisions better reflect an affinity toward party rather than a commitment to service to the people of the United States.  I guess I'm a bit different... I was created to serve others.

So, we have much work to do together, as a nation and, we will restore integrity to our government and prosperity to the people of these great states... the United States of America.  Thanks for your continued support and prayer.