Alternative Energy

I've heard you mention that you are in favor of alternative energy sources?  Would you care to elaborate?


Yes I would!  Absolutely!  The oil industry has had a significant foothold in the United States throughout America's history.  In recent years, traditional oil drilling has taken a back seat to other technologies that include horizontal drilling and fracking.  The latter is probably the practice that has resulted in the single largest ecological footprint.

When I was Mayor, I had to daily deal with the effects of earthquakes caused as a direct result of fracking in those areas.  For those that don't know, I'll give you my layman's definition of fracking.  Traditional oil extraction retrieves only a small part of the oil in an oil well.  Fracking is the use of chemicals, water or liquid waste that is pumped into the ground, which causes the remainder of the oil or sludge to be drawn or pushed toward the surface for extraction and eventual processing.

The problem occurs when the injection of liquids and chemicals into the earth's crust causes the plates to move against or into each other.  It's an obvious reaction to a given action.  If you displace rock plates with chemicals or other foreign elements, this will force the rock plates to move, often violently, which of course causes earthquakes.

When I was mayor, the State of Oklahoma had more earthquakes than any other place on the planet, including California!  That statistic really surprised me. Some days we would have several significant earthquakes in a single day. In addition, my city had another unique problem that I believe was a direct result of fracking... radioactive elements in our drinking water.

My city is not the only one dealing with similar issues.  That being said, America cannot continue on its current path.  It is not ecologically or economically sustainable.  I strongly favor alternative energy sources including wind and solar.  Such sources are clean, renewable and will leave a much smaller footprint on our life-sustaining environment.

I have a plan that would include the development of a large solar farm that would have zero impact on the environment.  I'll be sharing that information as we get further along in this campaign. Thanks for asking this very important question.