America's Antiquated Minimum Wage System

I've often suggested that the so-called minimum wage in America is antiquated. We need to push for a living wage that adjusts according to the region of the country. Yes... I've heard the non-nonsensical rhetoric in opposition but the facts are the facts. The cost to live in California is much higher than in place like Mississippi or Oklahoma or even North Carolina. If you've ever lived in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia), you know full well that the cost of living there is through the roof. In our nation's capital, which has among the highest violent crime in America, the cost for a decent home is going to be in the neighborhood of about $500 per square foot. Comparatively, in OKC, the number is significantly smaller, approximately $111 per square foot. Do the math!

The only answer to the problem is to raise the wages of the people that actually do the work in these huge corporations and place a permanent cap on executive level salaries. Decrease the exponentially crazy wage disparity in America. 

As an example... the CEO of CVS makes 422 times more than the average employee in his corporation. 422 times the amount!!!

We desperately need a working pay rate system that begins, at the very lowest, $15 per hour but increases in certain areas, regions or states where the cost of living is so much higher.

I suspect that congressional support for such a bill would be hard to find in certain areas until members heard from the citizens of America who are still trying to feed their families off of $7 and change!

Its easy to fix the problem if you're not afraid to look at it... and to mitigate it with more than just empty rhetoric!