Climate Change Accord


Good evening friends... in case you haven't heard by now, President Trump announced his intent to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate change accord. Despite this administration's continued contention that their actions are for the benefit of average Americans, the real truth is obvious. Mr. Trump clearly exhibited his intent and purposes by appointing a class of people just like himself... billionaires... to senior positions in our government.

How dare he suggest that he cares even remotely about the economic well-being of America's "lower" class... he mentioned us without mentioning us in a speech where he referred to those "on his level".

So, when you put mouth where your money is... then that's saying something. Usually, it's the other way around... but not in Mr. Trump's case.

There is no way that the party of "equals" that make up this president's cabinet, can possibly remotely understand the needs and concerns of the average American and thusly it’s not possible for them to respond to them. It's just not possible.

With Mr. Trump's announcement, the United States technically becomes the only country on the planet that has not signed onto this accord, which is designed to protect our planet from the growing problem of catastrophic climate change.

Climate change, global warming, greenhouse gases, polluted streams, radionuclides in our drinking water, chemicals in the soil and ground water... these are all very real problems that are only being exacerbated by this president's blatant disregard for America and Americans.

I could not be more angry listening to the introductory remarks by Mr. Pence today... the glowing accolades of his boss’s accomplishments. I'm sorry sir... gentlemen... I haven't seen them. I've heard lip service. I've seen you enrich yourself. I've seen you lie to the American people. I've seen you thumb your nose at the system of checks and balances. I've seen you completely ignore the rule of law. I've seen you ignore your oath of office in such a lackadaisical fashion that in a court of law it would constitute "contempt".

There are some of us that genuinely do love our nation. There are some of us who have committed ourselves to act in the best interests of someone other than ourselves.


My apologies friends... I didn't intend to write another book... but I did want to share my thoughts. Thanks for listening. Have a safe and blessed evening.