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    Meet Keith

    I grew up in the community of Park Hill... in Denver. We arrived in the Mile High City on October 10, 1963. Dad, who had been an employee of the now defunct Interstate Commerce Commission moved us (Mom, my brother, sister and myself) from our nation's capital, to Denver in search of another opportunity with the federal government. 

    I had life experiences similar to many of you. Although we moved around quite a bit, we had a fairly solid family relationship.

    On February 8, 1973 I enlisted into the United States Air Force taking advantage of the pre-enlistment program while I was still in high school. A few weeks after graduation I was on a flight to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Thus began my career as a law enforcement officer. 

    My adult career has been largely people oriented... from law enforcement to ministry to management to politics... my destiny is to be intimately entwined in the lives of those I encounter. 

    The current political environment has caused many to rethink their political positions. The two major political parties, as we know them, no longer exist. When the dust clears, America will be what remains.

    One of the primary reasons I am a candidate for President of the United States is simply this… It's been a part of who I am as far back as I can recall. I've always loved politics. As I got older, I recognized my desire and heart was to serve others. I saw injustices that made me want to be the impetus for change and the best way I know to do that... is to run for President.


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    Climate Change Accord


    Good evening friends... in case you haven't heard by now, President Trump announced his intent to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate change accord. Despite this administration's continued contention that their actions are for the benefit of average Americans, the real truth is obvious. Mr. Trump clearly exhibited his intent and purposes by appointing a class of people just like himself... billionaires... to senior positions in our government.

    How dare he suggest that he cares even remotely about the economic well-being of America's "lower" class... he mentioned us without mentioning us in a speech where he referred to those "on his level".

    So, when you put mouth where your money is... then that's saying something. Usually, it's the other way around... but not in Mr. Trump's case.

    There is no way that the party of "equals" that make up this president's cabinet, can possibly remotely understand the needs and concerns of the average American and thusly it’s not possible for them to respond to them. It's just not possible.

    With Mr. Trump's announcement, the United States technically becomes the only country on the planet that has not signed onto this accord, which is designed to protect our planet from the growing problem of catastrophic climate change.

    Climate change, global warming, greenhouse gases, polluted streams, radionuclides in our drinking water, chemicals in the soil and ground water... these are all very real problems that are only being exacerbated by this president's blatant disregard for America and Americans.

    I could not be more angry listening to the introductory remarks by Mr. Pence today... the glowing accolades of his boss’s accomplishments. I'm sorry sir... gentlemen... I haven't seen them. I've heard lip service. I've seen you enrich yourself. I've seen you lie to the American people. I've seen you thumb your nose at the system of checks and balances. I've seen you completely ignore the rule of law. I've seen you ignore your oath of office in such a lackadaisical fashion that in a court of law it would constitute "contempt".

    There are some of us that genuinely do love our nation. There are some of us who have committed ourselves to act in the best interests of someone other than ourselves.


    My apologies friends... I didn't intend to write another book... but I did want to share my thoughts. Thanks for listening. Have a safe and blessed evening.



  • Healing America!

    Donald Trump is using the rising tide of protests in our nation to promote his own divisive agenda. When the kneeling protests began with one man, it was never about the American flag or about our national anthem. The protests were about the matter of racial inequality in our nation, one of those inconvenient truths that the Trump administration and many Trumpites refuse to face or to admit.

    Just because you ignore racism doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Friends, if you cannot see the division that was created by Mr. Trump himself, if you cannot see the pattern of chaos perpetuated by his words and his parallel actions, then you have chosen to ignore the truth. if you choose to ignore the truth, then you unfortunately have become party to the lie which it perpetuates.

    Before this country can be healed, that which divides it must be sealed. Like any wound in the flesh, before healing begins, the infection must be mitigated which allows for the cleansed flesh to rejoin to itself.

    We have much work to do but ignoring the problem is the most ignorant thing that any of us can do. We must face it head on, not add fuel to fire, not create an atmosphere of racial tension but face it we must, and mitigate it we will.

    I love America! I love all that it stands for even the right of any of our citizens to protest, to disagree, or to have an opinion contradictory to my own. At the end of the day, we are still Americans.

    May God perpetually bless you. May God perpetually bless the United States of America!

    ~Keith Davenport~

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    The ACA

    Quick comment... In response to someone who suggested that I am "pro-ACA"... that's not exactly true. Get your facts straight. What I have said, is I do not believe the correct approach to healthcare issues in America call for the repeal of the ACA. What I've said is that the ACA has a few issues including the primary fact that the ACA is not affordable! So, the correct approach should be for the warring political sides to come together... putting country ahead of party and fix the issues.

    Get your facts straight!

    By the way, I won't allow you to force me into a political box... a single way of thinking with a certain political label impressed upon it. That's the problem with America today!

    ~Keith Davenport~

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    Quick comment… In response to someone who suggested that I am “pro-ACA”… that’s not exactly true. Get your facts straight. What I have said, is I do not believe the correct approach to healthcare issues in America call for the repeal of the ACA. What I’ve said is that the ACA has a few issues including the primary fact that the ACA is not affordable! So, the correct approach should be for the warring political sides to come together… putting country ahead of party and fix the issues.
    Get your facts straight!
    By the way, I won’t allow you to force me into a political box… a single way of thinking with a certain political label impressed upon it. That’s the problem with America today!
    Keith Davenport
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    Police Brutality

    QUESTION FROM A SUPPORTER: What is your position on police brutality?


    That's a valid question. I am proud to be able to say in wearing a badge for 17 years I never fired my weapon against a human being. Interesting that this subject comes up now, but I was in a conversation with an aide with respect to extensive police training on how to de-escalate a situation.  In fact, passing classes that instruct all police officers how to de-escalate a situation should be required.

    I came up in a day when deadly force was the very last option. In fact, I can count on two hands the number of times I ever even removed my weapon from its holster during duty. I place a great deal of emphasis on the term public service and that has to be the approach of any government entity whether it's law enforcement, executive, legislative or judicial. Your concerns will carry a great deal of weight in my campaign and beyond.

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    Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    What is your position on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?


    As president, I would reaffirm the United States adoption and adherence to the terms of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights without amendment.

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    Religious Protections

    What protections would your administration offer America's believers?


    The United States Constitution provides certain religious protections in that the government has no right or authority to infringe upon or inhibit those deeply held “religious” beliefs. Any law or edict imposed by a government entity that denies those religious rights is therefore unconstitutional. We will stand firmly upon constitutional protections.  Does that answer it?

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    Real ID Act of 2005

    You recently asked your supporters if what they know about the Real ID Act.  Inquiring minds want to know your position on the law.



    The Real ID Act of 2005 undermines former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt's legacy and further, reneges on America's commitment to the world, which was embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 10, 1948 at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris.

    Article 14 of the declaration offers protection of the rights of individuals to seek asylum when they are in fear of persecution related to religious affiliation, race, national origin, membership in a covered social group or political perspective.  As written, The Real ID Act makes a mockery of that right because it requires those seeking asylum to document or demonstrate that one of those enumerated grounds is a central reason for their persecution.

    An individual who cannot thus substantiate the persecution is subject to arrest, deportation and forcible return to that same repressive regime, where they will potentially face even worse persecution or even death.  Interestingly, they come to the United States fleeing repression and are subject to an oppression regime in what they thought was a land of hope and freedom... this regime then forcibly returns them to the land from which they fled!

    The Real ID Act not only violates the Universal Declaration but, much more deeply, mocks America's longstanding claim of being a beacon of hope, of freedom and of democracy for those who have been subject to life under the thumb of tyrants and of dictators.

    By sending such a harsh message to those seeking asylum on our shores, Donald Trump, The Real ID Act and those that support similar rules and protocols are undermining the assertion that the United States is in fact a haven of safety from repressive regimes.

    Sadly, on the very day that such repressive rules of law become a new beacon for America, The Statute of Liberty ought to shed a tear.

    ~Keith Davenport~

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    Legalization of Marijuana

    QUESTION FROM A SUPPORTER: Where do you stand on the legalization of marijuana?


    I have given this matter a great deal of thought and have considered information that was sent to me by various individuals as well as peer reviewed studies. I have concluded that marijuana is indeed a gateway drug and I will not support a blanket legalization of cannabis in America. I think marijuana use does much more harm than the little good that it may do for some individuals.

    According to current federal law, marijuana is considered a controlled substance and is illegal.


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    Campaign Blog

    North Korea!!!
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    Guns in America!
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    Russian Meddling
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