Healing America!

Donald Trump is using the rising tide of protests in our nation to promote his own divisive agenda. When the kneeling protests began with one man, it was never about the American flag or about our national anthem. The protests were about the matter of racial inequality in our nation, one of those inconvenient truths that the Trump administration and many Trumpites refuse to face or to admit.

Just because you ignore racism doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Friends, if you cannot see the division that was created by Mr. Trump himself, if you cannot see the pattern of chaos perpetuated by his words and his parallel actions, then you have chosen to ignore the truth. if you choose to ignore the truth, then you unfortunately have become party to the lie which it perpetuates.

Before this country can be healed, that which divides it must be sealed. Like any wound in the flesh, before healing begins, the infection must be mitigated which allows for the cleansed flesh to rejoin to itself.

We have much work to do but ignoring the problem is the most ignorant thing that any of us can do. We must face it head on, not add fuel to fire, not create an atmosphere of racial tension but face it we must, and mitigate it we will.

I love America! I love all that it stands for even the right of any of our citizens to protest, to disagree, or to have an opinion contradictory to my own. At the end of the day, we are still Americans.

May God perpetually bless you. May God perpetually bless the United States of America!

~Keith Davenport~