Electoral College

Rumor has it that you stated opposition to the Electoral College.  Care to comment?


Sure.  I support elimination of the Electoral College in favor of a system that counts and acknowledges each vote equally regardless of which state the vote is cast.  This last election saw an upset directly attributed to voter districts that favored the Republican Party. Obviously, I want to see a system that is not rigged or slighted in any way, whether it be based upon party or even race... and I'm in no way suggesting this one is.  But, the very fact that we have so-called red states and blue states suggests to me that there is an imbalance in how the system is run. I want to see a system where the person that receives the most votes overall, wins... PERIOD!  With the electoral college, that is not true, as this last election and others in recent memory have taught us.

One final point, in the last election, the two major candidates spent two thirds of their time in 9 states, out of 50.  What does that tell you?