There are those that suggest global warming is a hoax... what is your position on the environment?


I am a supporter of maintaining the beautiful green-space in our country. It is important to set aside funding to support and maintain our coasts, our forests and our nations water resources. President Trump has written a number of potentially harmful EO's recently including one that removes Obama era restrictions concerning the dumping of hazardous wastes from coal mines into our water.  I contend that his motives are questionable. When the decisions made by the Trump administration clearly benefit "corporate America", then those decisions must be questioned. The environment is a gift, from God, to the people. I believe we have a duty to preserve it. I am not anti-development... but I am pro-people and pro-environment.

UPDATE: Yesterday, President Trump announced his intent to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate change accord.  I think this is a dangerous decision based upon political position.  It is a blatant affront to and attack against the policies of his predecessor, Barack Obama.  That's not leadership, particularly when the decision will ultimately have negative world impacting repercussions.