Gun Violence in America




  • We favor mandatory mental health evaluation prior to purchasing firearm of any type
  • We favor a ban on all assault weapons or automatic capable weapons except for law enforcement or military personnel
  • We favor a ban on all high-capacity magazines
  • We favor required enforcement of the Baker Act after gun related incident (SOP)
  • We favor raising the minimum age for gun ownership to 21
  • We favor mandatory gun free zones around schools, churches, hotels, shopping malls, parks and public events
  • We do not favor arming teachers
  • We do not favor militarizing our nation’s schools
  • We favor issuance of a license to own a firearm, which must be renewed annually, much like a driver's license
  • We favor a psychiatric evaluation by a licensed mental health professional as a requirement in order to obtain gun license
  • We favor a ban of gun lobbies from influencing public policy


If a legally owned and properly secured firearm is used by someone, such as a family member of that gun owner, to commit a crime, the owner of the firearm cannot be held criminally responsible for the actions of the individual. 

We will request that media does not broadcast the name of the perpetrator in high profile or high casualty incidents, more than one time. News coverage should focus on the victims and not the perpetrators, to mitigate the possibility of copycat crimes.

A mental health professional who certifies the mental health of an individual who then commits a crime with a firearm, shall be exempt from liability in that incident.


"Baker Acted". An individual who is "Baker Acted" is taken into custody and detained in a Florida mental health facility for a maximum of 72 hours; during this time, his mental health is evaluated by a qualified mental health professional.

“SOP”. Standard operating procedure.