Healthcare and the ACA

What is your position on the GOP efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare?


I have made a number of detailed statements on this issue in the last few weeks or so and my position remains unchanged.  The GOP, under the leadership of President Trump, is clearly moving forward with their agenda to undermine everything that was achieved under the previous administration including the so-called repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

What the GOP has presented in terms of a replacement, will actually cost 24 million Americans, their healthcare coverage.  In many cases that loss will be catastrophic.

I'm deeply angered that members of our government are following a political course at the expense of those that daily depend upon having access to life-sustaining medical care!

I call on each of our government leaders to put country before party. When the CBO runs its numbers, at the end of the day, zero Americans should be without healthcare coverage... somewhat like a Medicare for all, single-payer plan.

Just do the right thing!

  • Keith Davenport
    commented 2017-08-25 15:25:30 -0400
    Quick comment… In response to someone who suggested that I am “pro-ACA”… that’s not exactly true. Get your facts straight. What I have said, is I do not believe the correct approach to healthcare issues in America call for the repeal of the ACA. What I’ve said is that the ACA has a few issues including the primary fact that the ACA is not affordable! So, the correct approach should be for the warring political sides to come together… putting country ahead of party and fix the issues.
    Get your facts straight!
    By the way, I won’t allow you to force me into a political box… a single way of thinking with a certain political label impressed upon it. That’s the problem with America today!
    Keith Davenport