Healthcare Reform

These are talking points only.


Healthcare Reform


Our healthcare reformation package is being crafted and will be released once it is completed.



  • Health incidents in the coal mining industry and their impact upon health costs
  • Costs of follow-up care for individuals who have lost their coverage under the ACA
  • Feasibility of a Medicare-for-All program
  • Restitution to victims of black lung disease and other coal related illnesses
  • Restitution to victims of ESSURE
  • The cost of Medicare will be a topic of discussion in addition to gaps in coverage
  • Mitigate Medicare fraud and expand upon recovery processes
  • Licensing of naturopathic physicians
  • Tax breaks to students who major in medicine
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • Health care must be quality and affordable. Contrary to its name, the ACA is not affordable for the average American
  • Who is eligible?
  • We are exploring the idea of providing free healthcare for low risk individuals who earn less than a certain dollar amount
  • Must be an American citizen for permanent coverage