Immigration Reform

One of the selling points of President Trump's campaign was immigration.  He boasted that he was going to build a wall along our southern border and make Mexico pay for it.  

What is your position on immigration reform and the president's zero tolerance policy?


The United States was established as a light to the world. The Statue of Liberty was a beckoning symbol of hope for many who saw America as a land of opportunity.

According to the US Parks Service, her torch is a symbol of enlightenment, illuminating the way to freedom "showing us the path to liberty". Even the Statue's official name represents her most important symbol, "Liberty Enlightening the World".

This administration's zero tolerance policy rejects the concept of liberty and embraces a policy of exclusivity. That's not American! In the manner we've seen it carried out, it has stretched the limits of human tolerance and dignity.

I support strong borders and the usage of technological, electronic systems including satellites to monitor borders and border access points.

As president I will order an immediate comprehensive assessment of our borders and ports with recommendations due on my desk within 30 days after I assume the presidency.

The assessment should include a comprehensive review of manpower levels to determine how best to utilize those resources as well as our electronic assets.  In addition, we will carefully assess whether any further adjustments should be made to the borders including our east and west port access points. Once completed, I will take our plan to the United States Congress for consideration and implementation.

We must evaluate our current systems and their effectiveness comparative to the end goal, which is the safety and security of all the citizens of the United States, mitigating the flow of illegal narcotics and guns as well as the swift stoppage of human trafficking across our southern borders. Additionally, we'll be targeting felons and gang members to assure they cannot enter our country.

This administration has labeled everyone of Hispanic origin as "criminals, drug dealers and rapists". In one recent speech, Mr. Trump referred to Hispanics "infesting" our nation. This is a blot, yet another stain on America and we will have a lot of work to do to erase it.

I do support a pathway to citizenship for individuals who have been productive members of American society for 7 years or longer. This is an overly used cliché, but we really are a nation made up primarily of immigrants, with a few notable exceptions. 

Here's the bottom line... if we don't fix our nation's immigration crisis, and it is a crisis, then we need to return the Statue of Liberty!