Recently, President Trump announced plans to seek $1 trillion for America's infrastructure.  Do you support this?


Can I just be honest?  Anytime, I see news that Mr. Trump has proposed something I have to check out the fine print... how does he benefit from it?  I'm sorry but that's just me being honest.

That being said, I will always support an infrastructure package that is carefully laid out, one that is fiscally responsible and that actually benefits our nation's crumbling infrastructure from roads to bridges to our water resources to our electric grid and of course, to our energy sources.  Case in point, a few months back a major bridge on Interstate 85 collapsed.  A few years back we saw the same thing occur up north. Some years before that, the floating bridge that crosses over Lake Washington, which happens to also be an interstate highway, sunk.  In Oklahoma City about a year ago, a main bridge that goes over a primary intersection in the city, collapsed. 

Unclassified reports that I've read suggest that rogue nations such as North Korea are most capable of launching an attack against our electric grid.  That's a huge problem that I've heard nothing but talk about.  The ability of a nation to enter our country using cyber weapons carries with it catastrophic implications!  They already have that capability and who is doing anything about it?!!!

Decrepit bridges, crumbling roads and highways, and even our nation's antiquated electric grid are all begging for attention. When I was mayor, my city was cited because of radionuclides in our city's drinking water.  You've no doubt heard about the ongoing issue of lead in the drinking water in Flint, Michigan.

This is not a political problem!  At this point, it's a moral one.  If we continue to do nothing but talk, many lives could easily be lost!  That, my friend, makes it a moral problem that circumvents politics!

From my perspective, in most cases when a politician mentions infrastructure it's for political gain. It's almost a political catch phrase... that's how you win elections!

But, how often have you seen the money actually answer the need?  So, money was earmarked for a particular project; was the project completed? Whose district benefited from the earmark and what politician had his palms greased as a result?

My answer to your question?  Absolutely!  The most powerful and wealthiest nation on the planet should not have the kinds of infrastructure problems that we have and yes, I support an infrastructure investment that actually occurs; one that actually does more than just talk and does much more than places a band-aid on the problem!

You didn't ask but I do have an infrastructure plan that includes addressing all of the issues I just mentioned.  One key element of my plan is to take advantage of an untapped resource in America that would create jobs, provide an alternative energy resource while leaving a near zero footprint in our nation's environment.  We'll have to talk about that in more detail later.  But the real deal is this... putting country before position.