Integrity in Government

The today news is filled with headlines about lingering questions concerning President Trump and ethical considerations regarding his businesses, collusion with the Russian leader, and a host of others.  Your thoughts?


That's a great question and I'm glad you asked it.  Going back to when Mr. Trump was still candidate Trump I've had concerns about things he was saying... not even talking about his past... everybody has a past; but rather about what he was saying at that time and the foolishness he's continued to stir up since he's been in office!  

But one thing has stood out... I have never heard him accept accountability for any of it.  Integrity does not denote perfection. But it does require accountability.

An article in today's USA Today states that Donald Trump has the largest credibility gap of any president since Richard Nixon.

That's a problematic comparative, which is no surprise.  We're talking about a president that said so many things during the campaign but after he was elected he said, "those were campaign promises".  Campaign promises?  What I say I'm going to do should be propagated by what's in my heart.  Campaign or no campaign... I believe what I believe and those things will not change.  What I say I'm going to do... you can take to the bank.  Integrity?  I stand on my own personal convictions and you have the right to expect me to honor my word!  Period!  I'm not perfect but I am accountable!