When you were a candidate for Congress a few years back you were involved with a group of women who are fighting against Bayer... something about a permanent abortion procedure.


Yes. At the time, I promised these ladies and their families that when I had the authority to influence this issue, to defend those that could not defend themselves, I would. I will keep that promise when I get into office.


What is your position on abortion?


I am pro-life... pure and simple.  I believe life begins at conception.  In fact, there is credible scientific evidence that supports this position.  I will always stand on the side of life.  ALWAYS!

Alternative Energy

I've heard you mention that you are in favor of alternative energy sources?  Would you care to elaborate?


Yes I would!  Absolutely!  The oil industry has had a significant foothold in the United States throughout America's history.  In recent years, traditional oil drilling has taken a back seat to other technologies that include horizontal drilling and fracking.  The latter is probably the practice that has resulted in the single largest ecological footprint.

When I was Mayor, I had to daily deal with the effects of earthquakes caused as a direct result of fracking in those areas.  For those that don't know, I'll give you my layman's definition of fracking.  Traditional oil extraction retrieves only a small part of the oil in an oil well.  Fracking is the use of chemicals, water or liquid waste that is pumped into the ground, which causes the remainder of the oil or sludge to be drawn or pushed toward the surface for extraction and eventual processing.

The problem occurs when the injection of liquids and chemicals into the earth's crust causes the plates to move against or into each other.  It's an obvious reaction to a given action.  If you displace rock plates with chemicals or other foreign elements, this will force the rock plates to move, often violently, which of course causes earthquakes.

When I was mayor, the State of Oklahoma had more earthquakes than any other place on the planet, including California!  That statistic really surprised me. Some days we would have several significant earthquakes in a single day. In addition, my city had another unique problem that I believe was a direct result of fracking... radioactive elements in our drinking water.

My city is not the only one dealing with similar issues.  That being said, America cannot continue on its current path.  It is not ecologically or economically sustainable.  I strongly favor alternative energy sources including wind and solar.  Such sources are clean, renewable and will leave a much smaller footprint on our life-sustaining environment.

I have a plan that would include the development of a large solar farm that would have zero impact on the environment.  I'll be sharing that information as we get further along in this campaign. Thanks for asking this very important question.

Congressional Term Limits

What is your position on term limits?


A large reason why our government has the complicated problems that it now faces is because too many of our Congressional members have made the office a career; versus opening their seats up for new and possibly better ideas. Term limitations should be immediately put in place. As an example, members of the House of Representatives should be permitted to serve no longer than three consecutive terms in office, while members of the United States Senate should be permitted to serve no more than two consecutive terms in office. The current restriction on the President should remain in place. This opens the door for fresh ideas and avoids the current problem of entrenched career politicians.

Death Penalty

FROM A POTENTIAL SUPPORTER: I want to support you but I'd like to know your position on the death penalty.


First, thank you for your support.  You make all the difference.  This is one question that I really had to think deeply about.  As strange as it may sound, when I say I'm pro-life, I mean it with the full weight of the statement. That being said, I can't answer the question without first creating a framework for my answer.  So, here goes.  I have publicly stated my opposition to private prisons.  My concern is that privatized prisons are motivated by dollars... after all they are a for-profit industry and that's not the purpose of a prison.  Prisons should have two purposes and two purposes only... one to punish and two to rehabilitate.

I'm not naive to think that everyone can be rehabilitated and that's not what I'm suggesting.  There are many in prison that are  there for punishment only due to the nature of their crimes.  That being said, the prison system should be operated by either state or federal government authorities.  With respect to the death penalty itself, my biggest concern is the execution of prisoners that are later determined to be innocent.  You can't hit undo or backspace.  If an individual is executed and later on is found to be innocent, an apology to the family just will not do. But, I must add another element to this conundrum; the Word of God, which says that the government, which in this case would include the police, are all ministers of God to us for our good.

Any time a life hangs in the balance, it will represent a challenge for me because I care so deeply for and have such a high regard for life.  So, whether I support the death penalty or not, giving the answer is much more difficult than offering the question.

A study from Newsweek [2014] said, "Since 1973, 144 people on death row have been exonerated. As a percentage of all death sentences, that's just 1.6 percent. But if the innocence rate is 4.1 percent, more than twice the rate of exoneration, the study suggests what most people assumed but dreaded: An untold number of innocent people have been executed."

Therein lies the problem with the system as we know it today.  So, the only way that I would ever say, without hesitation, that I support the death penalty is if the system can absolutely guarantee the guilt of that individual.  If you can without question, offer a one hundred percent guarantee that this person is worthy of death, according to the law, then I would stand in full support of the law.  That's not likely to ever happen. No error percentage is acceptable.  No life taken in error will ever be acceptable to me as president or as a man. Period!



1 "Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same. For he is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil. Therefore you must be subject, not only because of wrath but also for conscience’ sake.


Defund Planned Parenthood

Do you support the Trump administration's efforts to defund Planned Parenthood?


The House version of the GOP attempt to repeal and replace the ACA called for a one year restriction.  I support a total and complete permanent ban on the use of federal funds for any entity including Planned Parenthood, who either sponsors, endorses or participates in the practice of abortion.

I will always stand on the side of life. Always!!!

Electoral College

Rumor has it that you stated opposition to the Electoral College.  Care to comment?


Sure.  I support elimination of the Electoral College in favor of a system that counts and acknowledges each vote equally regardless of which state the vote is cast.  This last election saw an upset directly attributed to voter districts that favored the Republican Party. Obviously, I want to see a system that is not rigged or slighted in any way, whether it be based upon party or even race... and I'm in no way suggesting this one is.  But, the very fact that we have so-called red states and blue states suggests to me that there is an imbalance in how the system is run. I want to see a system where the person that receives the most votes overall, wins... PERIOD!  With the electoral college, that is not true, as this last election and others in recent memory have taught us.

One final point, in the last election, the two major candidates spent two thirds of their time in 9 states, out of 50.  What does that tell you?


There are those that suggest global warming is a hoax... what is your position on the environment?


I support implementing procedures and regulations that protect our environment. It is important to set aside funding to support and maintain our air, our coasts, our green space and forests as well as our water resources including ground water. The environment is a gift, from God, to the people and I believe we have a duty to preserve it and protect it. I am not anti-development... but I am pro-people and pro-environment.

Healthcare and the ACA

What is your position on the GOP efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare?


I have made a number of detailed statements on this issue in the last few weeks or so and my position remains unchanged.  The GOP, under the leadership of President Trump, is clearly moving forward with their agenda to undermine everything that was achieved under the previous administration including the so-called repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

What the GOP has presented in terms of a replacement, will actually cost 24 million Americans, their healthcare coverage.  In many cases that loss will be catastrophic.

I'm deeply angered that members of our government are following a political course at the expense of those that daily depend upon having access to life-sustaining medical care!

I call on each of our government leaders to put country before party. When the CBO runs its numbers, at the end of the day, zero Americans should be without healthcare coverage... somewhat like a Medicare for all, single-payer plan.

Just do the right thing!


What is your position on American support of Israel?


The nation of Israel is one of our important allies, not just in the Middle East, but in all the world.  I strongly support maintaining and building upon our ties with Israel including moving our embassy to Jerusalem.


How can we put America back to work?


For many years large American corporations have been shipping jobs to other nations because the labor costs are lower and restrictions are fewer.  In order to put America back to work we need to make it easier and less expensive for corporations to do business in America.  We need to encourage new business by removing the red tape for start up companies.

Legalization of Marijuana

QUESTION FROM A SUPPORTER: Where do you stand on the legalization of marijuana?


I have given this matter a great deal of thought and have considered information that was sent to me by various individuals as well as peer reviewed studies. I have concluded that marijuana is indeed a gateway drug and I will not support a blanket legalization of cannabis in America. I think marijuana use does much more harm than the little good that it may do for some individuals.

According to current federal law, marijuana is considered a controlled substance and is illegal.



We've talked about Medicare.  I purposely did not include Medicaid in the previous question.  So...


Okay.  I get where you're going and I'm glad you did that.  As you are aware, Medicare and Medicaid used to be separate entities.  the new federal entity is, as you know, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, or CMS.  I suspect the reasoning for incorporating the two into one entity is related to the Real ID Act, passed in 2005. That law then incorporates control of the two primary healthcare entities in America, under one umbrella... a federal umbrella, The Department Health and Human Services.

Go figure that this entity is the single largest user of taxpayer monies.



Minimum Wage

Do you believe the minimum wage should be raised to $10.10 per hour or even $15 per hour as some have suggested?


I don't know anyone who could live on $15.00 per hour in this country much less, $10.10 per hour as was proposed a few years back. I know I couldn't.

The minimum wage was $1.60 per hour when I was 16 years old. I'm over 60 now. That's well over 40 years and you tell me the so-called minimum wage has only risen to $7.25 per hour in over 40 years?  

Do you really think raising it another $2.85 per hour will make any difference when the cost of living in this nation has continued to explode exponentially? I'll answer my own question with a resounding NO!

I contend that the minimum wage is antiquated and should be replaced with a living wage. The living wage would be adjusted according to the cost of living in a particular area or region of the country and would be set as the base or minimum salary for that individual.

For example, if you earned $50,000 per year living in Detroit, Michigan and moved to San Francisco, California you would need to earn $92,549 per year to maintain the same level of living expenses. The cost of living in San Francisco is over 81% higher than Detroit.

Under a living wage, the base wage would be determined by a formula that would take into account specific criteria including average housing costs, cost of utilities, average food costs for the number of individuals living in the residence, average transportation costs, healthcare costs and other normal living expenses applicable for that particular city or region of the country.

The base wage would be calculated or recalculated on an annual basis after the conclusion of the tax season.

Modernization of the United States Armed Forces

Recent reports have suggested major deficiencies in the readiness of our armed forces and the equipment that they rely upon to protect our nation.


That's a valid point and I've read some of the same reports.  I believe in the concept, walk quietly but carry a big stick.  The United States power is well documented. 

I want to immediately address the deficiencies defined in those reports.  Our soldiers will have the most modern, highly-developed, technologically-based equipment available... anywhere.  But and it's important that you understand the "but"... but, we will not be on a war footing. 

However, if the time ever comes during my presidency I want our men and women to have the best most effective equipment available and I want them to be well trained in their use.  I want our scientists to design and the DOD to deploy robotic options in high risk situations.

Another point too... and I think this is very important.  In the past, it has been the policy of the DOD to leave massive amounts of weapons and ammunition on the battlefield. This will stop immediately. Any weaponry or other military equipment transported to the battlefield, will be removed from the battlefield and returned to the United States. I've read far too many accounts of American weapons that are left on the battlefield, later being used against Americans.  That is just not acceptable!

Nuclear Weapons

What is your position on the proliferation of nuclear weapons?


The problem with a nuclear confrontation is there are no winners. I support the reduction and eventual destruction of all nuclear weapons on the planet.

There are approximately 14,465 nuclear warheads around the world with Russia (6,800) and the US (6,000) holding the vast majority of the horrific weapons.

I support measures that would begin the process of the eventual elimination of all nuclear weapons from the planet and the imposition of a worldwide ban of the development and the possession of nuclear weapons or materials that could be used to develop nuclear weapons.

The way this would work is all nuclear warheads would be destroyed including the launch and support apparatus, under an agreement with all current nuclear powers through the United Nations, with the exception of ten percent of those weapons and systems. The remaining warheads and support systems would be jointly controlled by nuclear powers including the United States, Great Britain, Russia, China, Pakistan, Israel, France, India and North Korea*.

That ten percent would be maintained to protect the world against any future rogue nation or entity who illegally develops nuclear weapons. 

Mutually Assured Destruction!

If and until that happens, America should maintain it's nuclear enterprise at the highest state of readiness at all times. This should include modernizing our nuclear payloads, targeting capabilities, launch apparatus, and all other systems to assure that we can not just meet but can counter and deter any nuclear attack from any nation at any time.

Additionally, all personnel will be thoroughly trained and constantly tested to assure their proficiency in meeting the highest standards of excellence and professionalism in their fields.

*North Korea would be included in the number if they were willing to completely denuclearize and offer transparent inspection (without government minders) of all of their nuclear facilities by the United Nations.

Police Brutality

QUESTION FROM A SUPPORTER: What is your position on police brutality?


That's a valid question. I am proud to be able to say in wearing a badge for 17 years I never fired my weapon against a human being. Interesting that this subject comes up now, but I was in a conversation with an aide with respect to extensive police training on how to de-escalate a situation.  In fact, passing classes that instruct all police officers how to de-escalate a situation should be required.

I came up in a day when deadly force was the very last option. In fact, I can count on two hands the number of times I ever even removed my weapon from its holster during duty. I place a great deal of emphasis on the term public service and that has to be the approach of any government entity whether it's law enforcement, executive, legislative or judicial. Your concerns will carry a great deal of weight in my campaign and beyond.

Privatization of Prison Systems

There has been some question about the efficacy of a private prison system.  What is your position and what should we expect from your administration?


I am concerned that the privatization of the prison system is the impetus to prisoner abuses all for profit. The prison system should be less of a human housing entity and more about a program that is focused on the rehabilitation of offenders of the law. After an offender has successfully served the legally imposed sentence, all of their rights should be restored, thus giving them a viable opportunity to continue that program of rehabilitation.  The imposed punishment should not continue beyond the walls of their sentence.

Real ID Act of 2005

You recently asked your supporters if what they know about the Real ID Act.  Inquiring minds want to know your position on the law.



The Real ID Act of 2005 undermines former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt's legacy and further, reneges on America's commitment to the world, which was embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 10, 1948 at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris.

Article 14 of the declaration offers protection of the rights of individuals to seek asylum when they are in fear of persecution related to religious affiliation, race, national origin, membership in a covered social group or political perspective.  As written, The Real ID Act makes a mockery of that right because it requires those seeking asylum to document or demonstrate that one of those enumerated grounds is a central reason for their persecution.

An individual who cannot thus substantiate the persecution is subject to arrest, deportation and forcible return to that same repressive regime, where they will potentially face even worse persecution or even death.  Interestingly, they come to the United States fleeing repression and are subject to an oppression regime in what they thought was a land of hope and freedom... this regime then forcibly returns them to the land from which they fled!

The Real ID Act not only violates the Universal Declaration but, much more deeply, mocks America's longstanding claim of being a beacon of hope, of freedom and of democracy for those who have been subject to life under the thumb of tyrants and of dictators.

By sending such a harsh message to those seeking asylum on our shores, Donald Trump, The Real ID Act and those that support similar rules and protocols are undermining the assertion that the United States is in fact a haven of safety from repressive regimes.

Sadly, on the very day that such repressive rules of law become a new beacon for America, The Statute of Liberty ought to shed a tear.

~Keith Davenport~

Religious Protections

What protections would your administration offer America's believers?


The United States Constitution provides certain religious protections in that the government has no right or authority to infringe upon or inhibit those deeply held “religious” beliefs. Any law or edict imposed by a government entity that denies those religious rights is therefore unconstitutional. We will stand firmly upon constitutional protections.  Does that answer it?

Same Sex Marriage

The Obama administration was responsible for promoting an agenda that has now made same sex marriage legal in the United States.  What is your position?


To be very clear. I do not support same sex marriage and I never will. Here's the caveat. They don't have to answer to me and they certainly don't have to answer to the federal government.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

What is your position on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?


As president, I would reaffirm the United States adoption and adherence to the terms of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights without amendment.


Our nation has seen its share of wars in the last twenty years or so. You've recently made the comment that President Trump has us on a war footing, so obviously those leaving military service will need a lot of care, potentially.  How would you handle the growing number of veterans that need help?


First, I am a Vietnam era veteran, having served in the United States Air Force.  

In my day, nobody thanked us for the work we did... for putting our lives on the line.  In fact, I'll never forget the time, that a Colorado State Patrolman threw my badge at me like it was dirt.  We knew nothing but disrespect in those days.  Today, many folks will actually take the time to thank our nation's veterans for their service.  I know I do. 

Today's veterans have another problem that I can't seem to wrap my mind around; the large number of veterans that rely upon food assistance.  I met a veteran about ten years ago who was a sniper in Iraq.  During his tour of duty he was wounded and had to fight just to get treatment for his injuries, injuries which resulted in his honorable discharge from service.  

On top of that, he was living in a cheap hotel in Grand Prairie, Texas.  That was all he and his wife could afford.  The United States of America does not do nearly enough to at least partially recompense our veterans for what they've sacrificed for us.  Not even close!

No US veteran should ever be homeless or hungry.  Another issue which is close to me; many veterans have to fight to receive their compensatory benefits, sometime for many, many years. My dad fought and was badly wounded in the Battle of the Bulge. It took about twenty years to receive the 100% disability status that his injuries warranted. I was injured during my time of service and processors found a way to circumvent their own rules to avoid paying me the approximately $1 million in back compensation, that they owe me.

The system is slow and inefficient. So, I have a few ideas of how to address those problems. 

We need to provide retraining (if necessary) and priority employment for US veterans at the Veterans Administration facilities as well as at other government agencies and contractors. This is a largely untapped resource of experience and professionalism. As I stated before, no honorably discharged veteran should ever be homeless or hungry. No veteran or service member should ever have to suffer the indignity of having to rely on food benefits to feed his or her family. I will work with the United States Congress for an annual COLA, for all enlisted and non-commissioned personnel.

We also need to spend more resources to address the mental health of our nation's heroes. We've trained them to serve America without question. Now, its time for America to serve one of our greatest resources.

One final point to your question. Americans are weary of war after war. America is not the world's police officer. I see an America whose armed forces are the most highly trained and best equipped on the planet, not to provoke war but to sustain peace.

Lastly, I see a world where nuclear weapons are a thing of the past.

My administration will work with the United States Congress and with other nations who are in the nuclear family, to establish and ratify a treaty that bans the possession of all nuclear warheads worldwide with the exception of a small percentage, which would be jointly controlled by those nations. The intent would be to build cooperation and to guard against rogue nations in the future developing nuclear weapons for themselves and again threatening the world with annihilation.

The deterrent of nuclear weapons is mutually assured destruction. If the weapons are "possessed" or controlled jointly, this may work to bring the world back from the 12:00 hour on the "doomsday clock".

It's bold and may not occur in the foreseeable future but that is what I envision. Thanks for the question.


War on Poverty

The White House said Thursday that America has “largely” won its war on poverty, as the administration called for expanded work requirements for people receiving Medicaid, food stamps and other forms of welfare.

The Council of Economic Advisers said in a report that the vast majority of people in the U.S. have enough to eat, that homelessness is “rare,” and the U.S. economy is surging, with unemployment near a record low of 4 percent.

“Based on historical standards of material well-being and the terms of engagement, our war on poverty is largely over and a success,” the report said. “Now is the ideal time to expand carefully designed work requirements to non-cash welfare programs.”

The 66-page report conflicts dramatically with a United Nations investigation last month saying that poverty in the U.S. is extensive and deepening under the Trump administration. Philip Alston, a U.N. specialist on extreme poverty, said U.S. policies since President Lyndon Johnson’s war on poverty in the 1960s have been “neglectful at best.”

“But the policies pursued over the past year seem deliberately designed to remove basic protections from the poorest, punish those who are not in employment and make even basic health care into a privilege to be earned rather than a right of citizenship,” Mr. Alston said.

The U.N. report said nearly 41 million people, or 12.7 percent, live in poverty, with 18.5 million in extreme poverty.

SOURCE: - The Washington Times - Thursday, July 12, 2018


The War on Poverty is the unofficial name for legislation first introduced by former President Lyndon B. Johnson during his State of the Union address on Wednesday, January 8, 1964. The president proposed the legislation in response to a national poverty rate, at the time, of around 19%.

Today, the official poverty rate in America is approximately 14.5%.

These are the kind of things that our nation's leaders should be tweeting about. While I am a proponent of a strong national defense, I'm an equally as strong proponent of addressing the kinds of problems that result from poverty including unrest, anxiety, hunger, health problems, low graduation rates, violent crime, as well as societal ridicule.

One of my first actions as President of the United States will be to revisit the legislation that was first introduced by LBJ; declaring war on poverty in America. 

  • IDENTIFY A VET (IAV) – this special program is designed to locate every homeless veteran, identify their needs and match them to a program or system that can accommodate them.
  • ELIMINATE SBA RED TAPE – Make it easier for new entrepreneurs to get started in their own business.
  • EXPEDITED DISABILITY PROCESSING FOR VETERANS – Guaranteed to be processed in no more than 30 days from date of application barring extenuating circumstances.
  • FIND A JOB FOR A VET (FAJFAV) - focused on finding a job for every able body vet in America who wants a job.
  • BILL: Replace Minimum Wage with Regionally based Living Wage – Pay will be determined by the cost of living in a particular region. Eliminate loophole that companies use to pay service workers below what is the current minimum wage.
  • EXPANDED REHAB ZONES - tax breaks for new businesses that relocate into those zones. Special programs to assist prospective homebuyers to locate, qualify, secure and rehab homes in those zones.
  • BILL: Repeal Law of Public Domain - unconstitutional.
  • SPECIAL HOUSING PROGRAM – Apartment renters who have occupied their unit for a minimum of 3 years and who meet other qualification factors, may purchase their unit under this federal housing program. The federal government will purchase the unit and resell the unit to the tenant. Payments will go to the federal government. The landlord will receive a tax break for selling the unit and will be paid in full at a reduced price. The former landlord will maintain responsibility for the exterior of the property, such as lawns, driveways, parking lots, etc., and will be free to charge a fee (up to cap) for maintenance fees of those areas. Interior maintenance can be either handled by the new owner or by paying an interior maintenance fee to the former landlord (up to cap).
  • COMMUNITY POLICING – provide assistance and training to local police agencies on the implementation of a community policing program.
  • SPECIAL EQUIPMENT PROGRAM FOR POLICE AGENCIES – American police agencies may purchase surplus equipment - focus on non-lethal equipment and the training for their use in urban and rural settings.








  • MODIFY PAY DAY LOAN LAWS – place an interest cap on payday loans, of no more than 24%.
  • EXPANSION OF HUD PROGRAMS – federal government will provide free materials according to zoning specifics for qualifying homeowners who will be required to install the materials within a period of 90 days from their acquisition. Failure to install the materials within that time frame will result in a penalty according to the law.
  • DEATH VALLEY ENERGY INITIATIVE – the design, construction and operation of the Death Valley Solar and Wind Power System
  • FEDERAL INVENTORS GUILD (FIG) – government sponsored program to encourage and assist young inventors
  • BILL: Impose a cap on executive level salaries and bonuses
  • EXPANDED SMALL BUSINESS TRAINING – incentivize corporate executives who volunteer their time to teach in these seminars
  • BLANKET GOVERNMENT PSA PROGRAM – focusing on the intent and purpose of our war on poverty in America, providing incentives to get everyone involved.
  • BILL: Impose cap on percentage of corporate workforce that may be outsourced to other nations. Violators will be charged a tax penalty tbd.
  • INCREASE CORPORATE TAX RATE – expand upon community and consumer programs that would allow for tax breaks
  • BILL: Eliminate the IRS and replace the tax system with a simplified, progressive, step tax – the more you earn, the more you pay.
  • BILL: Make DACA the law of the land –
  • MUNICIPAL TAX BREAKS – offer tax breaks for cities who maintain their overall crime rates below a certain level to be determined.



  • UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANT PROCESSING AMNESTY INITIATIVE – one time only amnesty program that allows individuals who have entered the country illegally to identify themselves. Any undocumented individual who is arrested after the conclusion of the amnesty program will be immediately deported. A second arrest for illegally entering the United States will result in a felony charge of illegal entry and upon conviction, the individual will go to prison. Individuals who identify within the time frame allotted, will be issued an identification card and will be required to provide verifiable proof or residence and income.

*In order to qualify for any of these programs, you must first be an American citizen.