Modernization of the United States Armed Forces

Recent reports have suggested major deficiencies in the readiness of our armed forces and the equipment that they rely upon to protect our nation.


That's a valid point and I've read some of the same reports.  I believe in the concept, walk quietly but carry a big stick.  The United States power is well documented. 

I want to immediately address the deficiencies defined in those reports.  Our soldiers will have the most modern, highly-developed, technologically-based equipment available... anywhere.  But and it's important that you understand the "but"... but, we will not be on a war footing. 

However, if the time ever comes during my presidency I want our men and women to have the best most effective equipment available and I want them to be well trained in their use.  I want our scientists to design and the DOD to deploy robotic options in high risk situations.

Another point too... and I think this is very important.  In the past, it has been the policy of the DOD to leave massive amounts of weapons and ammunition on the battlefield. This will stop immediately. Any weaponry or other military equipment transported to the battlefield, will be removed from the battlefield and returned to the United States. I've read far too many accounts of American weapons that are left on the battlefield, later being used against Americans.  That is just not acceptable!