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As you know, Keith recently announced that he will not accept any special interest or PAC contributions.  Here's why that is so important.  As a nation, we need to be cognizant of the dark impact of special interest money and the negative influence it has had upon key decisions being made by our elected officials.  We're witnessing this corrupting influence taking place in Washington today.

end-dark-money.jpgIn order for us to again elevate the voices of the American people, we need to eliminate the impact of so called "dark money". The only way to strengthen the voices of the people and to subsequently restore the reigns of the people's government to its rightful place is to reverse the influence of money.

To reach our goal before our quarterly filing deadline, we need 1,000 supporters to contribute $5. We need you!  We know that you believe that Donald Trump is taking our country in the wrong direction and we also know that you believe Keith Davenport has a vision in line with most Americans.  We're still very early in the campaign, but in order to counter the hidden agenda of those who are obviously working against America and Americans, we need friends like you... friends who still believe in our great nation... to help us reach our goal together!

Your support is critical.  It will prove that our campaign is in fact, a campaign powered by the voices of the people of the United States.  Will you contribute $5 to help us reach our goal before Midnight June 30, 2017?

A FINAL NOTE... As a people, we will actively engage in moving our nation toward a single, common goal... one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.


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