In the 2016 election, Donald Trump famously said that NATO is obsolete and then backtracked on that position during a press conference with the NATO Secretary General.  Do you agree with the president?


That's an interesting question. Donald Trump said a number of things during the 2016 campaign.  As you may recall, after the election Mr. Trump actually backtracked on a number of statements that he made during the campaign, labeling them as "campaign promises". 

A political campaign is how candidates present our resumes and should detail a list of commitments. I don't personally like to use the term "promise".  I prefer to call it a "commitment".  Each commitment carries with it the full weight of the character of the person making it, whether it's being made during a campaign or after assuming office.

That said, NATO was established in 1949 as a military alliance of North American and European nations to corporately counter a potential attack by the Soviet Union.  All that being said, NATO is not obsolete. While the Soviet Union is now defunct, Soviet ideals and agendas are still alive and in play in Russia, with Vladimir Putin carrying out what is a carefully scripted plan to pursue what is as yet, a hidden motive.

NATO is an expression of the military will and commitment of all the allied nations to support and defend one another against an attack against any of those NATO nations. We are obligated to stand for and with each other.