North Korea!!!

This past week, while I was traveling through Texas, Colorado, Tennessee, Arkansas and Oklahoma, the headlines were emblazoned across the news media worldwide. They looked something like this...

President Trump enters the White House briefing room for the first time since becoming president and announces an impending announcement.

I'm very sorry, but that just doesn't sound very presidential for the President of the United States to come running down the hall to the briefing room, with the giddiness of a child, to announce an upcoming announcement! Ironically, Mr. Trump recently made fun of the matter of presidential posturing during a campaign style rally in Pennsylvania! I'll leave that one alone for now!

Whether we like it or not, image is nearly as important as "message" in the political spectrum, particularly when the projected image will not just impact the public opinion of our fellow Americans, it will also impact the hidden agenda of the leader of North Korea. In this case, the latter is of much greater importance!

trump_un.jpgSo, here we go. Just a few months ago the President of the United States and the leader of North Korea were trading volatile barbs "across the pond". Some of the most memorable ones suggested that we were on the threshold of nuclear war. In fact, the heightened state of readiness suggested that nuclear holocaust was imminent.

The world was forced to listen to the insults from two immature world leaders who by the very shape of their stinging rhetoric, created an atmosphere that almost certainly would usher the world over the edge to the long-feared World War III.

While there are many uncertainties as to how this would play out if it did occur, a few things are certain in any nuclear conflict.

If the United States were to act preemptively and launch a nuclear salvo at North Korea two things are guaranteed to happen just minutes afterward. Just a few "minor" things would change if North Korea attacked first, which is the more doubtful scenario. The leader of North Korea does not have a death wish, which he would certainly face if he launched an attack against the United States preemptively.

Anyway, if Donald Trump ordered a nuclear strike against North Korea, here's what would ensue:

  1. North Korea would fire their artillery units at the South Korean capital.
  2. If they were able to launch before destruction, North Korea would also fire their nuclear weapons toward South Korea, Japan, Guam, The Philippines and possibly the United States. The number of weapons and the target of those weapons is unclear as we do not know about the level of their readiness capabilities, whereas the United States has the ability of firing a nuclear weapon within minutes after the order is given by the President of the United States.
  3. Additionally, the United States would be targeted by China and possibly Russia who also has submarines patrolling off the coast of the United States.
  4. Within hours of the initial strike more than one million people across the globe would be dead. The number of casualties would mount as the radiation cloud spread outward from ground zero!

There will be NO WINNERS in a nuclear war!!!

This is the primary reason why I've long asserted that one of the requirements for even running for President of the United States should be voluntarily submitting to thorough mental health testing! When I became a police officer years ago, psychological evaluation was a requirement in the testing phase of the process. How much more should it be with this level of power at your disposal, as President of the United States of America?!!!!

The reason that I am so concerned about the proposed meeting is this; Donald Trump has ushered us to the end game. There were no preliminary talks involving our nation's well experienced diplomatic corps!

Rather, the projected meeting in May will be for all the marbles!!!!! There is zero room for failure. This president has made his presidency all about himself and has made one thing certain... with Donald Trump nothing is certain! That makes the prospects for anything beyond the meeting all the more foreboding!

History shows that this president is moved by one thing and one thing alone... his own feelings. That's it! So, when he sits across the table from another inexperienced leader with unfettered authority and with a very powerful arsenal at his disposal, the world will be holding its collective breath!

I am not overplaying this in the least. It doesn't get any more serious than this!

As events change between now and "the meeting" there are a few more things that you can be sure of. Trump will play up the drama like a reality show. He will applaud himself and what a successful meeting could possibly mean for our nation and for the world. He will continue to talk about former President Obama and why his North Korea policies "failed". Interestingly, we will hear very little mention of any other American presidents who faced the same consequential dilemma and their subsequent failure to mitigate the matter of North Korean aggression!

Considering the seriousness of this meeting, I am praying for success, not to provide Donald Trump with fodder for boasting but because the consequences of failure are much too unthinkable!

In the meantime, we will continue to provide you with key information about the proposed meeting.

Until then, enjoy your week.