North Korea

How would you address the North Korean problem and the increasingly aggressive posturing of Kim Jong-un?


I am deeply concerned about the threats and provocations by the North Korean regime.  Unfortunately, because of the sensitive nature of the matter, I will not make a comment about any specific strategies in mitigating this problem other than to say I would do what needs to be done to protect America and American interests... period. My decision would be preceded by consultation with our military officials in the field as well as with congressional leaders. The representatives of the American people would not be kept in the dark.

I strongly oppose the autocratic approach to the problem that has become so commonplace under the current administration.

I support talks between South Korea and North Korea. From the information that I have been privy to, I'm not convinced that North Korea currently poses a real threat to America or American interests. Thus, any talks should be pursued without any preconditions.

A caveat to any type of "talks" would be mitigation of the human rights issues in North Korea.

If military action were required, and the only case I could foresee such a scenario is, in the case of a launch at the United States or any of it's allies, the United States would mitigate the problem. I have confidence that we have enough firepower to address the problem, if necessary.

Afterward, I would go before the American people and provide a detailed explanation of what transpired, what options were available, what action I selected and the reason for taking the action. One thing that I will never do is to engage in the sabre rattling and  I will never use the news or social media to mitigate the issue.

As I've stated before, we will move America and the world back from the brink of nuclear holocaust. These weapons of mass destruction were easily the most heinous inventions of modern time and at some point, I will propose that we work toward putting the genie back in the bottle, with the complete elimination of all nuclear weapons.