Nuclear Weapons

What is your position on the proliferation of nuclear weapons?


The problem with a nuclear confrontation is there are no winners. I support the reduction and eventual destruction of all nuclear weapons on the planet.

There are approximately 14,465 nuclear warheads around the world with Russia (6,800) and the US (6,000) holding the vast majority of the horrific weapons.

I support measures that would begin the process of the eventual elimination of all nuclear weapons from the planet and the imposition of a worldwide ban of the development and the possession of nuclear weapons or materials that could be used to develop nuclear weapons.

The way this would work is all nuclear warheads would be destroyed including the launch and support apparatus, under an agreement with all current nuclear powers through the United Nations, with the exception of ten percent of those weapons and systems. The remaining warheads and support systems would be jointly controlled by nuclear powers including the United States, Great Britain, Russia, China, Pakistan, Israel, France, India and North Korea*.

That ten percent would be maintained to protect the world against any future rogue nation or entity who illegally develops nuclear weapons. 

Mutually Assured Destruction!

If and until that happens, America should maintain it's nuclear enterprise at the highest state of readiness at all times. This should include modernizing our nuclear payloads, targeting capabilities, launch apparatus, and all other systems to assure that we can not just meet but can counter and deter any nuclear attack from any nation at any time.

Additionally, all personnel will be thoroughly trained and constantly tested to assure their proficiency in meeting the highest standards of excellence and professionalism in their fields.

*North Korea would be included in the number if they were willing to completely denuclearize and offer transparent inspection (without government minders) of all of their nuclear facilities by the United Nations.