Oath of Office

I have to say, I've wondered why no public officials are ever arrested for violating their oaths of office! To be honest, it reminds me a great deal of the act of taking communion, which we'll partake of in church tomorrow.

When taking communion, the emphasis is placed on remembering the sacrifice of Jesus. The very act of taking communion is in itself an act of deep attrition, reflection and remembrance; considering the very reason for the communion... Jesus' sacrifice.

It seems to me that taking the oath of office should carry much the same weight, on a different level of course. So, if any individual makes a vow before the people of the United States to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, what we are actually telling the people is that we will stand toe to toe against anyone who opposes the principles that the United States Constitution represents. 

For me, it also says that I'm going to keep myself in perpetual remembrance of my commitment to the people.

~Keith Davenport~