One Nation Under God!


A few thoughts from my response to a supporter, that I wanted to share with you: This is one of the reasons I'm running as an independent. The two-party system permits you or even requires you to have only one of two schools of thought, that are established as the norm for that party until the next convention. That restricts our thinking and our actions. This last election cycle was a great schoolmaster because it revealed the evil intent of so many; it revealed the partisan vindictive behaviors of others; it revealed the hidden manna of the heart for still others. It's easy to use labels "America First" or spout powerful words invoking God's involvement in the affairs of our nation... but when one's actions fail to reflect the verbiage... that is a problem. The presidency is not a game show and while it's as real as it gets, it's not a reality show. Each morning, we raise the flag over our home and I stand back and salute the flag... as a symbol. It's a symbol of what the flag represents and what our Constitution protects. 

The United States of America is a beacon of hope, in spite of where are current leadership appears to be taking us. Hence, the number of people that still long to make America their home. Our nation was designed like that... to be a vessel of respite for some but a more permanent answer to the dilemmas in their nations, for others. Because evil and deception has been in our past does not mean that its written on our future. Because we've failed before doesn't mean we make our abode in that failure. 


Hope is not based upon what was.... hope is based upon what we foresee that things will be. I won't lose hope and we, as a nation, cannot lose hope. I still believe in the vision of so many who have gone before us. Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy to be sure, were tools that God used to plant a seed of ever increasing hope. No seed manifests overnight. So, our eyes have to be set steadfast upon that vision, moving steady forward together as a nation... One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.