Real Immigration Reform



UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANT PROCESSING AMNESTY INITIATIVE – one time only amnesty program that allows individuals who have entered the country illegally to identify themselves without being subject to prosecution. Any undocumented individual, who has not identified themselves and who is arrested after the conclusion of the amnesty program will be immediately deported. A second arrest for illegally entering the United States will result in a felony charge of illegal entry and upon conviction, the individual will go to prison. Individuals who identify within the time frame allotted, will be issued an identification card and will be required to provide verifiable proof of residence and income.


i) Register with the United States government at which time the following will occur:

• a government ID will be issued
• immigrant candidate will be photographed
• immigrant candidate will be fingerprinted
• initiate extensive background check
• required to report weekly in person. Failure to report will result in arrest warrant.
• required to seek gainful and verifiable (E-Verify) employment
• required to establish legitimate and verifiable residence

ii) Those who fail background check will immediately be arrested and deported. If a deportee is caught crossing the border a second time, the person will be charged with feloniously entering the United States and, upon conviction, will be sent to prison.

Pathway to Citizenship Program


• successfully complete background check
• reference check
• gainfully employed in the United States for a period of no less than 5 years
• verifiable residence in the United States for a period of no less than 5 years
• clean criminal record except for minor traffic infractions


Those who fail background checks will immediately be arrested and deported. A deportee who is re-arrested will be charged with feloniously entering the United States and imprisoned upon conviction, for a set time period, to be determined. After that sentence has expired, the deportee will again be deported. We will no longer have a revolving door border entry system. To avoid additional expense on the back of American taxpayers, we will work with other countries to negotiate construction of prisons on their soil for these deportees… so that the individuals will be incarcerated in their own country.

Workplace - Employers who hire undocumented immigrants will be subject to arrest.

Borders Control Systems - Increased Electronic Monitoring (including satellite tracking technologies) of all Borders, Ports and Points of Entry – in addition to secure fencing marking the border.

BORDER SECURITY -  We will deploy a myriad of electronic devices supplemented by agents on the ground, working concurrently with the other physical barriers already in place, to assure our nation's borders are secure and that we are able to quickly and expeditiously detect and mitigate any threats to our borders. 

We will deploy devices but not limited to underground sensors that when triggered, will activate loud alarms and flashing lights to alert agents in the area. We will also deploy cameras, solar imaging, satellite technology and other classified alert systems to assure our nation's borders remain secure at all times.


• Illegal border entry
• smuggling of contraband including weapons of any kind
• smuggling of humans
• smuggling of animals
• smuggling of narcotics

BILL - Make DACA the law of the land – secure congressional sponsors

FRAUD – Those who attempt to cross the border using fraudulent documentation will be arrested and charged with a felonious entry. Those who attempt to cross the border fraudulently using a child will be charged with felonious child endangerment. If the charge results from the loss of human life, it will be handled as a capital offense.

SMUGGLERS – If the charge results from the loss of human life, it will be handled as a capital offense.

FAMILIES – As a policy, we will never separate families and will make every attempt to assure families are kept together in a safe and security environment pending evaluation of their asylum request.
According to Immigration and Nationality Act (I.N.A.) § 208(d)(5), the asylum interview should take place within 45 days after the date the application is filed, and a decision made on the asylum application within 180 days after the date the application is filed, unless there are exceptional circumstances.
We will speed up the process. The asylum interview should take place within 30 days of the date of application with a decision within 90 days of that date.

GUNS AND DRUGS – Stepped up efforts to locate and destroy guns and drugs crossing the border. Confiscated drugs and guns must be destroyed and their destruction must have a point to point chain of custody with evidence of that destruction.

GANGS – Stepped up efforts to intercept gang members or suspected gang associates attempting to enter the United States. Work with countries like Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico and others to deter gangs from coming across our borders and impose a unified effort to detect and intercept gangs or gang associates.

NEIGHBORS – Rebuild our relationship of cooperation with our neighbors to the north and to the south including re-entry into NAFTA.



Individuals facing incarceration under these laws will be held in federal prisons located outside of the United States. America needs to commit to work with countries including Honduras, Venezuela, Mexico and others to implement a process that accounts for the causation of the exodus of so many individuals to our nation, that assists those nations in tackling those problems as well as assuring that America has processes in place that are humanitarian, that honor the legacy of liberty that is America’s signature and that work in concert with the laws of the United States of America.