Russian Meddling

According to this article in the Washington Times, the Obama administration should have done more to counter Russian meddling in the last election. The real truth is that Russians have been meddling in American affairs for many years. In fact, the United States has been doing the same thing since the inception of the CIA in the 1940's. It's nothing new except the 2016 election cycle revealed the "cyber" version.
This suggests that the modern "war" scenario may not involve lobs of missiles across the oceans but rather the transmission of tiny electronic signals, social media manipulation and even less frequent cyber attacks into other computerized enterprises that are left vulnerable due to inadequate security mechanisms.
In terms of what the Obama administration should or should not have done, I obviously was not privy to their intelligence apparatus... and in all likelihood... neither were you.
Also, I get that the Obama administration did not want to appear to be trying to influence the election outcome in favor of Hillary Clinton.
As for Trump, he has essentially refused to act to counter any attacks by the Russians against our election process, also precluding any direct criticism of the Russian involvement in our last elections for fear, that such criticisms, would delegitimize his election victory.
How that'll turn out, we have yet to see... i.e., Robert Mueller.