Social Security

The President of the United States recently announced his intent to cut Social Security.  What is your position on these developments?


Social Security is an entitlement.  It is a depository of funds that every taxpaying worker has paid into, involuntarily, I might add. I see Social Security as an investment into our retirement future and thus, we are entitled to receive what we've deposited into it upon eligibility for those funds.  So, I have a question for you.  Why are most that apply to receive their duly earned benefits turned down the first time and for some... the second or even third time? That is a problem!

If you go to the bank and make a deposit, when you return to the bank to withdraw your money, you reasonably expect to withdraw what you've deposited plus earned interest.

The largest majority of our nation's debt is owed to Social Security, to the tune of approximately $2.8 trillion. So, here is what will happen after I become our nation's president.

I will demand that the money borrowed out of social security by previous administrations or by Congress, be returned, with interest! The money does not belong to the politicians... it belongs to the taxpayers that have deposited it.

I will never submit a budget that calls for any cuts to Social Security. I will however work very diligently to make sure that the funds deposited into social security are there for those that come of age, or are otherwise eligible by law to receive them, and can in fact receive them with no delay.