Stop attacking Trump?



I just read the contents of a petition being circulated on Facebook, signed by about one hundred people, that suggests there has been no other president that has been so scrutinized as Donald John Trump has, every word is being dissected, and it demands that we leave him alone and let him do his job.

I just have a couple of brief comments. First, every president is scrutinized and rightly so as our nation's head of state and the leader of the free world. If I am elected I expect likewise to be scrutinized. Mr. Trump has been scrutinized quite fairly particularly since he has been the impetus for such scrutiny. His own words daily testify against him! If you blame the media, they're just reporting what Mr. Trump said or is doing... so how is anyone to blame except Donald John Trump?

Interestingly, I can and have published a number of verifiable reasons that I object to Mr. Trump but I have not heard one Trump supporter publicly state why they support him... and can you back it up with verifiable facts? Forget the fake news argument and so-called "alternative facts". Truth is just truth!

Just yesterday, Mr. Trump acknowledged that he was bluffing former director Comey regarding the existence of a tape recording of their now infamous dinner conversation. His own legal experts and aids have continually cautioned the president about his Twitter tirades, again his own words testifying against him.

Early in his term, the Commerce Secretary of the United States stated that President Trump ordered a missile launched into Syria as what he labeled "after dinner entertainment".

So, I suppose you're demanding that we ignore the fact he's inexperienced. If we did, we'd also have to ignore his own assertion during the campaign that he was more ready to be president than Hillary Clinton and no person could fix our country's "mess" as he put it, but him. Keep in mind, I supported neither of them for different reasons.

Should we also ignore the fact that he claimed to be smarter than the generals in charge of the finest and most powerful fighting force on the planet? Yet today, this same man is not the one making our nation's military decisions. Those are being made by DOD and commanders in the field. So, we have "warmongers" making decisions that will ultimately impact whether or not the United States goes to war?

What else should we ignore and to whose peril?

I love my country too much to keep my mouth closed. By the way, all of the recent presidents received a great deal of scrutiny and criticism from me when their policies didn't line up with my perspective. The biggest difference between those presidents and this one, Mr. Trump's wounds are self-inflicted.

Let him do his job? How about Congress makes him do his job!

So, here we are. A stand off. Since we obviously do not see the situation in the same manner, then we must part ways.

The president must stop with the theatrics and the foolishness, take some responsibility and just do his job. By the way, you suggested that we are stopping him from doing his job. That is not possible. He is the president.

So, back to my point... he needs to stop with the victory laps... stop replaying the election results... get over himself... and JUST DO HIS JOB!

One final point, the very fact that you can legally post your petition and I can legally object to it is in itself guaranteed by our constitution. It's called free speech... So, if my speech offends you... just walk away. Can two walk together except they be agreed? I think not.