Trump Proposes Cuts of $800 billion to Medicaid

Trends over the last four fiscal years saw a steady increase in Medicaid funding. President Trump is now proposing cuts that will take the program back to spending levels not seen since before 2014. He proposes the elimination of a significant portion of the funding for a program that has a direct impact upon the lives and health of 71.7 million American citizens! If someone can explain how this is making America "greater", I'm open to hear it!

The president’s budget includes no cuts in defense spending. If I may be brutally honest, everything I've seen shows proposed increases in defense spending but major cuts in nearly every other department across the board!

According to The Office of Management and Budget, Medicaid is projected
to grow at a rate that is comparable to or slower than Medicare. The report goes on to project federal Medicaid spending to grow at an average of 4 percent a year compared to 5 percent for Medicare from FY 2015 to FY 2020 (MACPAC 2016c).


My question is why the proposed drastic cuts to such a key program? Donald Trump has the United States on a war footing. I'm of the opinion that we should walk quietly but carry a big stick. Everyone knows we're the big guys on the block so, why is it necessary to flaunt our power?!

I didn't mean to get on that point... but I had to make a comment about this nearly $1 trillion in cuts to Medicaid and I urge Congress to reject this budget as fiscally irresponsible.