Our nation has seen its share of wars in the last twenty years or so. You've recently made the comment that President Trump has us on a war footing, so obviously those leaving military service will need a lot of care, potentially.  How would you handle the growing number of veterans that need help?


First and foremost, I find it a bit ironic and troubling that the man that has our nation poised to open the nuclear envelope, has no military experience!

I am a Vietnam era veteran.  In my day, nobody thanked us for the work we did... for putting our lives on the line.  In fact, I'll never forget the time, that a Colorado State Patrolman threw my badge at me like it was dirt.  We knew nothing but disrespect in those days.  Today, many folks will actually take the time to thank our nation's veterans for their service.  I know I do.  If I see a booth at WalMart or what have you, that is manned by veterans, I'll donate something.  I'll do whatever I can to help and to thank them.  

Today's veterans have another problem that I can't seem to wrap my mind around... that is the large number of veterans that rely upon food assistance.  I met a veteran about ten years ago who was a sniper in Iraq.  During his tour of duty he was wounded and had to fight just to get treatment for his injuries, which resulted in his discharge from service.  On top of that, he was living in a hotel.  That was all he and his wife could afford.  The United States of America does not do nearly enough to at least partially recompense our veterans for what they've sacrificed for us.  Not even close!

No veteran should ever... and I mean it should NEVER HAPPEN... should never be homeless or hungry.  Another issue which is close to me... is the fact that veterans have to fight to receive their compensatory benefits.  The system is slow and inefficient. So, I have a few ideas of how to address those problems.  Here's just a few ideas I have.

We need to provide retraining (if necessary) and employment of veterans at the Veterans Administration facilities. This is a huge untapped resource. As I stated before, no honorably discharged veteran should be homeless or hungry. No veteran or service member should ever have to rely on food stamps to feed his or her family. I would order an immediate pay increase, across the board, for all enlisted and non-commissioned personnel.

That's a start, but we must do more than just talk about the problem and a Band-Aid won't fix it.  As President, I will present a concise, detailed plan on how to address the problem.