Gun Violence

What plans do you have to deal with gun violence in America?


I'm glad you asked the question. I've included a bullet pointed list showing my plan for combating the growing epidemic of gun related violence in America. 

  • Mandatory mental health evaluation prior to purchasing gun
  • Ban all assault weapons or automatic capable weapons
  • Ban on all high-capacity magazines
  • Required enforcement of the Baker Act
  • Raise the minimum age on all firearms to 25
  • Mandatory gun free zones within a certain proximity of schools, churches, hotels, shopping malls, parks and public events
  • Do not favor arming teachers
  • Do not favor militarizing schools
  • Must be licensed to own any firearm, which must be renewed annually much like a driver’s license
  • Psychiatric evaluation by a licensed mental health professional required to first obtain license
  • If a legally owned and properly secured gun is used by someone else such as family member to commit a crime, the owner can be held criminally responsible for the actions of that individual
  • Illegal for media organizations to announce the perpetrators name more than one time. News coverage should focus on the victims and not the perpetrators

Talking points
A mental health professional who warranties an individual to be eligible for licensing to carry or own a firearm cannot be held liable for any actions by the owner of that firearm. The very worst thing we can do is what Congress along with the president have done... they've talked about it in public venues but at the end of the day, when the talking stops, NOTHING IS DONE BUT TALK!

It's time for action... REAL ACTION! One more life stolen because of another coward with a gun is one more life too many!